Legal Documents

Standard Terms and Conditions
IPSTAR New Zealand Limited [NZCN 1467711] trading as ‘Choice Broadband’ (“CHOICE”, “our”, “we”, “us”) has prepared a Standard Form of Agreement for the provision of its satellite and rural broadband internet services (“Agreement”).

Acceptable Use Policy
This document is the IPSTAR New Zealand Ltd trading as Choice Broadband (Choice) Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). It sets out the restrictions that apply to the use of and access to the Services by you or any person who accesses or uses the Services at or via the premises where the Customer Premises Equipment (“CPE”) has been installed for your use.

Complaints Handling
At CHOICE BROADBAND we pride ourselves on offering our customers a high level of service. Our goal is to resolve any customer concerns in the first instance wherever possible. However, we do recognise that, on occasion we made not meet the expectations of our customers. In which case, our customers may wish to express their dissatisfaction with our products, staff or services.