Why Choice?

Our name is new but we’re no newbies to rural broadband.

Our parent company IPSTAR has been around since 2005, quietly wholesaling rural broadband to over 15,000 hard-working regional and rural Kiwis without any fuss or fanfare. We figured that since we’ve got decades of experience and have our very own shiny satellite, it was time to go direct.

There are a few choice words we could use to describe how the big boys have served rural Kiwis in the past so things are about to change!

With Choice, there’s no buffering, no crammed connections and no massive margins. Just fast, easy, affordable rural internet.

Choice is here to keep the other rural broadband guys honest with the coverage and connections you need at the best prices.

We think that’s a pretty CHOICE.

Why don’t you come across to us?

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